Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Dru and David

"Exceptional Engagement"
           "the best is yet to be....."
What a beautiful cold fall day....in this part of the country it is rare to see fall leaves for more than a couple of weeks! We seized the opportunity and braved the drizzly wet winds and snapped a few engagement pics! I was really blessed to work with my childhood friend and the new love of her life! It was not hard to capture the affection and love that this couple has for each other. My biggest task was to get them both to stop talking long enough to snap a few! They say laughter is good for the heart, let me just say that all three of us had a healthy dose!

"Beautiful Brides"

Can the wind get any colder!?! Today is the day we picked to do a Bridal Session??!!?? It was fun going to some of our old stomping grounds....one thing for sure when the two of us are together we know no strangers! Remember the Girl Scout Hut.....? Our teeth were chattering and fingers were freezing, but we got the job done! Thanks Elaine for all of your help!

"Wonderful Weddings"

Finally the day of the wedding has arrived, David was so ready to get the show on the road! He kept asking me just how many pictures do we have to take!? He thought we had plenty of pics already from the engagement shoot! Can you see the flustered look to the I am in love look rising into his eyes!? From the beginning to the end this was a fun wedding.....

Dru, my dear childhood friend, you have waited patiently for your pictures to post, but even longer for the right man to walk into your life! What a journey of God's healing power! I count my blessings to have had the opportunity of walking all over the southeast side of MW selling our jars of colored water, potholders, Girl Scout cookies etc., shopping for your first date, listening for the sound of your Dad's whistle, to baking in my mom's kitchen and all the zany things we did growing up .... because of your faithfulness to stay connected through all the years we were apart (no cell phones or internet!) AND your move back home and finally for all of my children having the opportunity to get to know you as Super Nanny to witnessing your love story journey unfold to your walking down the aisle on your beautiful wedding day! I do stand amazed at the faithfulness of our God. David, you truly can talk louder and faster than my friend and Narnia time has seeped in just a little, for I feel like I have know you forever! Guess thats just the way it is when friends meet friends! Sista we are not getting old, these are the best years of our life! Well, girlfriend here are just a few of your pics and I think you look beautiful! Then and Now!

Lez and I had fun shooting this wedding. Our hats are off to the newlywed couple because you managed to pull off a wedding that was almost totally stress free! Thanks be to all of the wonderful family and friends that came from all over to lend a helping hand! May the Lord bless this union abundantly! Thank you again David and Dru for allowing me the honor of capturing just a few moments of this special season in your lives! Love you guys.....

"Romance is the glamour which turns the dust of everyday life into a golden haze." 
                             -Elynor Glyn

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