Monday, April 20, 2009

Happy Birthday Michael & thank you for the inspiration to begin this journey called blogging!

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Welcome to the 50's Club Michael! I got here first and loving it! Yes, for those reading this Michael is my little brother whom I love and respect very much! He was my first real playmate, instigator of much trouble and my friend and helper in time of need! And he still has the prettiest blue eyes I have ever seen!

My new and wonderful sister in love asked me if I had a baby pic of my brother that I could email her. I did and with the wonderful world of technology we live in she was able to receive it via computer and send it to the newspaper office. I had to go into the archives of OLD photos to even find a pic of us when we were mere children! 

My three daughters were totally distracted from their evening routines when they saw the old photo album laying on the buffet. They giggled and asked a lot of questions which caused me to focus on what laid in front of me! Time flies, how many times have we all heard that!?! Memories can sometimes fade but when stirred by the sight of an old photograph something amazing happens.....we remember the strange little details, the moments, and fragrances long forgotten and tucked away in the halls of our minds! I was so inspired I really wanted to do something special with this pic of my brother and myself I decided to begin my blog spot and share with the rest of you some "moments that truly take my breath away".....

Till next time,

Teresa (yes, that would be me in the picture below!)


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