Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Love Wins

Sometimes right in the middle of life you find 
yourself in a place you never imagined before.
Saturday, March 2, 2013 was a day
a little different from most 
of my regular weekend activities. 
I had volunteered to run by and take a few pics of
the Mineral Wells Class of 1974 and 
a very special lady,

a beautiful cake for a beautiful lady

Karen Hill-Denny!

The gathering of the class of '74 was a huge success and
thanks to the woman who asked if I would
take a picture!
Many of you came and went throughout the day
and into the evening and you may
not be in this picture but know
that your presence was

Karen, with a heart filled with gratitude....

As I pulled up in front of the American Legion building I was instantly
blown away by the number of cars.....
I grabbed my camera and headed
towards the inside and the first 
live auction was in full swing...
The stuff, the people, the electricity in the
room pulled me in quickly.....

Yvonne and Dru busy recording the auction results
goodies for the auction....

Tina Mitchell and Karen Roy Rhyneer

Randy Shank and Pam Moore

and the auction continues.....

Donna Fisher Mitchell

more donations!

such a beautiful quilt and stitched in love.....

posing one more time with the quilt.....

With all our love, from the Class of 1974

Becky Crowley Foley

The first auction....

Karen with her son, Shane

The food line continues.....

peppers galore

Wally Bailey

Gail Martin Hall

Yummy food!
Wally Bailey was more than
willing to stop and pose
for a pic!

Morgan, Michaela, Krista & Megan
The 2nd young lady is Karen's granddaughter

Karen embracing another friend.....

Vickie Kidwell 

many, many items being auctioned off....

This lady was very excited about winning
the bid!

Vanna doesn't have a thing on this young lady that
kept the items moving.....!

Amy Thompson, friend of Karen's
wins a door prize drawing!

Silent auction items.....

more silent auction items.....

sooo many items....

Debbie Davis Mann
Vicki Kidwell
Caren Jo Creighton Haynes

Thirty Nine years and counting I found myself 
trying to turn back the pages of the calendar.....

Faces, so many faces, faces from my past,
and a few that live in my present
but mostly faces I was 
pretty sure I 

Funny thing how that works, some didn't know me either!

The flood of emotions engulfed me as I attempted to make
a pass through a very packed audience.....
What the Class of '74 had 
envisioned, planned, worked,
talked, shared, and 
dreamed about

Skeeter (Sherry Ward) McMinn
presents a gift from the class of '74. A mirror that has
boot tops placed around the frame......

Karen listens intently as Skeeter speaks.....

Karen is overwhelmed with gratefulness......

the guests are encouraged to
autograph the boots......

giving her the mirror.....

Chelese, Karen's daughter signs her name

Chelese and Shane pause for a quick picture.....

more autographs....

mother and daughter

Chelese was attentive to her mothers needs....

Mike Walters pauses to leave his signature....

and gives Karen a hug.....

Karen and Mike have a moment to exchange
a few words.....

Becky and Tina stay busy the entire day and
evening greeting guests as they come in.

amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
Lou Gehrig's disease
is a neurological illness that is 
brutal and unforgiving 

 ALS does not affect the senses (sight, smell, taste, hearing, touch)
Karen's keen eye movement, and her ability to think and reason were very much intact. Her smile, laughter, hugs and appreciation were
humbling.  Her gentleness, compassion and love that she poured
out all afternoon and into the evening hours was admirable.
No one would have found fault had she only made a brief appearance. 
Karen, I think I can safely speak for your classmates, friends
and family in commending you for
your strength, your courage

American Legion Post 75

lots of yummy baked goods were auctioned off too....

perfect weather......

Shane and Karen slip outside for a few minutes....

Shannon Sweet Bailey and
Dawn Hood Phillips

Dan Burns the Drummer making his way in to the
crowded building.....

Shirley Sublett

Kathy Crowley Fossen
Debbie Marsden Brown

Weldon Grieve
(Brenda Grieve Rushton's Daddy)

Keith Boyd

the food!

silent auction

Denise & Cliff Sims

Wayne Hall

Mike Brooks

Gary Hampton 

Melanie Tommerlin

Laura Popko Martin '77
Randy Martin's bride

Dana Landers

Elvis was in the building with
JoAnn Helterbran Peaden

Karen Roy Rhyneer
Karen Blondell Jarrett
Shannon Holder Cavness

Rhonda Baker Patterson
Mike Walters
Dru Purcell Chandler


Denise Thomas McDonald

Sylvia Vines McMinn
Debbie Eichler

Sylvia & Debbie

Nancy Colwell Strain

first take...

2nd take and a smiling
Russell Whatley '72

1st glance

Kenny Furr married
to Brenda Smith '74

Randy Ezell in intense conversation trying to ignore me!

one of the many auction items

Bennie Fossen &
Randy Shank

Add caption

Ricky Hill giving Sylvia a hug....

Add caption


Debbie Hobbs Jenkins &

Chelese reading Karen's thank you note....

"It's been said many times many ways and today I say it with my heart full of love, thank you, thank you, thank you. I am beyond grateful for all the support and love that surrounds me here today and What a perfect day The Lord has given us to love one another. 

God gave me this journey to live and I'm so thankful He gave me all of you to help me along the way. His grace is a beautiful thing. 

I appreciate every single thought out detail of this day and all the days leading up to this very moment for the opportunity to be here with all of you. I love each and everyone of you. I can't express this enough. 

As I live out God's will for my life I will be at peace because of all the love surrounding me. He has blessed me with the best family and friends I could ever want. All of you are a stepping stone He has provided to me for the strength I need. 

Dru & Skeeter have done a terrific job putting this whole thing together. There were so many people involved I can't possibly name each of you one by one but each person here has equal thanks for all you did. 

We all know and believe that prayer is a very powerful thing. God is greater than ALS and if it is His will I have a very long life to live here with all of you. Either way thank you all for touching my life. We will all be in heaven together one glorious day. 

I love you all and God bless each of you all."


the emotions were intense....

this picture speaks volumes....

Pat Goodwin Hill, Karens sister n law and family

friends listen to Karen's words...


sobering moments.....
Rikke Long

Debbie Marsden Brown

Karen Hinkle Griggs listens and watches...

such a hero!

.....let the picture speak for itself.......

love poured forth.....

blowing a kiss......

Cody Robbins Band

Mr. Cody Robbins, himself!

Dan Burns,  always in perfect tempo!

More hugs and smiles and chatting with friends and family.....

Shane White

Susan Perrin Filina

Add caption

Randy Martin

to the left

John Larimore
to the right!

Gary Hampton and his lovely wife, Teresa

Terry Meeks

Gary and Teresa stepping out.....!

Karen Hinkle Griggs & her

having fun....

Karen and Dru pose for a picture....

Dru, Tina, Karen & Skeeter

Karen with her grandson, Ryan Bell

Ryan was a good sport about this!

Karen and her grandaughter, Michaela

pretty smiles for pretty ladies.....

three generations.....

Karen, Chelese and Michaela
three generations 

hands to hold 

Dru, Reagan Lawrence & Susan Perrin Filina

Alonzo Washington

Alonzo was still moving his feet to the
beat of the band.....

tickets for the door prize drawings.....

Alonzo stops to visit with Karen

and rides off into the sunset....

Donna & Randy Mallory with Karen
Amy Dillard & Amy Thompson

Amy and Amy give or try to give Karen
a kiss!

somebody is about to give up some cash for
this item....

Donna, Randy, Karen, Amy & Amy

told you so!

Sue poses with Donna and
the cross she just won!

And Dan leaves the building

Karla Peaden Gaskill,  Michel Allen White
and Karen

Gary paying for his items....

look at that million dollar smile!
Greg Sublett
Wayne Pearson
Mitchell Huffaker

Sherry Parkey
Autum Kelley
Cemi Jo Parkey

Debbie & Brenda

April Furr Brown and daughter

This was the second auction!

Going once, going twice, SOLD!!!

What is this we have?

Barbara Tucker Pennington &


Randy, The Chef!

BBQ and the trimmings

Suzie Saunders Taylor

Karen Hinkle Griggs

Thomas Birt

Add caption

Karen & Co.

Becky Crowley Foley &
Sherri Daughtery Damico

Becky Thomas

Yvonne & Brenda

Lisa Ratto Able



a cross for the auction

embracing friendship

and embracing a little yummy food!

art.... for sale

Thomas Birt

Greg & Shirley Sublett

silent auction

silent auction..... jewelry

more silent auction items

Cinda McConnell Parenti
Class of '74

Denise & Stanley Mears

Karen, Lisa ?, Mike Hill and

Karen and her cousin, Mike Hill share
a tender moment.....

Karen, Lisa, Dru and Cinda
here's to the class of '74
a job well done.....

Cinda McConnell Parenti
Pheobe Gardenhire Thomas
caring out some good stuff.....

Cinda, Karen & Pheobe
Karen and Thomas 

listening to the band.....

Snuff Garrett 

Vicki and Karen

Karen & Dale Brooks

Mike Hill purchasing some
really neat stuff!

Stephanie White

1. the state or fact of being diverse; difference; unlikeness.  2. variety; multiformity. 3. a point of difference
Just some of my randomness is going to pop in right here....
I think one of the things that I love about America is the diversity of our people. We are all different, but when we choose to come together and help someone we can lay aside those differences and become a strong, distinct force. The benefits can be enormous. This day was no exception!

Karen & Karen

Mike Brooks

Susan Allen & her grandson, Winston

Big River

Cale Isham

The evening continues with fun, fellowship and good music......

"Lean on Me!"
Mark Spoon leaning on Chuck

Billy O'Dell friend of
Cinda McConnell Parenti

Winston watches his dad, Shane play
with 50 Thick.....

50 Thick

Shane White

More friends from the class of '74.....

Bobby Pennington
still smiling at the end of the day!!

Susan Allen with her
daughter, Michel Allen White


Laughter is always good......!


Dru and Barb Tucker Pennington


Shaunna & Suzie Saunders

At the end of the evening I turned around
just in time to see this group of ladies doing a group high five......
"we did it!" 

We would like to extend a great big thank you to all of the business owners, individuals, families and classmates that helped make this a 
successful event. You gave over and beyond 
and it is appreciated more
than you can know! Your time, your resources, your words
of encouragement, all of the little gestures
came together to make 
a full canvas of color!

please note:  It is not our intent to overlook anyone and if we did please let us know and we will be happy to add their name to the list, however 
many chose to remain anonymous.

continue on down the page to see the end of this blog....
50 Thick Band
American Legion Post 75
Anna Rae - Mary Kay
Andrea Smeyers -  Beauty Boutique Salon
Auto Zone
Avon Store - Lisa Clutts
Awesome Blossom
Bargins Home and Gardens
Betty Fox - 2nd Street Salon
Beads By Keisha Henry
Beauty Boutique - Kandi Wallis
Bennetts Printing
Big River Band
Black Horse Restaurant
Body Wrap - Stephanie Randall
Brazos Animal Hospital
Brazos Catfish Cafe
Brazos Cinema
Brazos Market & Bisto
Bronze Goddess
Carmens Gifts
Cat's Creations
Charlsee Blocker -  Bargain Barn & Salon
 Cheryl Larson - Queen Bee
Clark Gardens
Coco's Tanning & Boutique
Cody Robbins Band
Coles Flowers
Comet Cleaners
Cookie Canvas
Country Club
Cowboy Supply - Danny Mason
Crosses By Anna Nail
Dairy Mart
Dakotas Hair Salon
Davis City Pharmacy
 Debbie Brown
Dee's Diner
Doggone Debbie's Groomer
Dos Gypsy's
Double H Tire
Downtown Video
El Paseo
Famous Water
First Financial Bank
Freeze Carpet
Fresh & Fruit Bouquet
Furrs Lumber Company
Fuzzy Tacos
Gingersnaps Photography
Glover Cathy - 2nd St. Salon
Golden Chic - Hudson Oaks
Golden Chic - Mineral Wells
Graford Cafe
Harris Dental
Hatchknife BBQ
Hay Station
Hickey Dairy Queen
Images by Teresa
Jeri's Bakery
Jimmy's Cafe
 K Nails
Kathy Froehmer - 2nd Street Salon
Keg 1 O'Neals
Kelly Stults - Kelly & Company Hair Salon
Kwik Lube - Mineral Wells
Lake LBJ Yacht Club @Horseshoe Bay
Lauren Deaver - Beauty Bouquet Salon
Learn n Tree Health Store
 Leslie Hutton @ Kelly & Company Salon
 Linda Harding - Avon
Margaret Terry - Source 1 Real Estate
Mellalucca -  Karen Shadden
Merrimac &  North
Michael McInroe Construction
Mesquit Pit
Miche Bags - Dannette Jimenez
Mineral Wells Office Supply
Mountaineer Lanes
Mrs. Kitty Cyote
My Fathers Business 
Old School Pizza
Outback Steak House
Palo Pinto Hospital Gift Shop
Paridise Pizza
Penny's Florist
Pet Sense
Pitt Photography
PK Nails
Powell Ford
Premier Designs -  Karen Mori
Premier Designs - Hanna Ramsey
R D Beauty Supply
Rada Grimes - Mary Kay
Randi Berackney -  Beauty Bouquet Salon
Randy Ezel - Cooked the Meal
Randy & Donna Mallory - Pork for the Benefit
Randy's Auto
Rebecca Patterson -  Eye Optical
RebeccaTurner -  2nd Street Salon
Rhonda Hart - Massage Therapy
Rockin S Bar
Roylynn's Hair Salon
Sandra Mitchell - Avon 
Selina's Restaurant PK
Shane Slimp
Sheena Terrell -  Mary Kay
Shelby Sapp - Blocker's Bargain Barn & Salon
Simms  Lumber
Singnature Cuts Weatherford
Snuff Garrett Band
Singnature Cuts Weatherford
Snuff Garrett Band
Solaris Hospice
Stella Dot- Michelle Harvell
Strain Electric
Studio 107
Supreme Donut Shop
Sylvia's Massage
Tattered Teddy Bear
Tennelle Kelley - Beauty Bouquet Salon
Texas Butane
The Bead Barn
Thirty One Melissa Davis
Tonya Gary Mary Kay
Tractor Supply
Trading Post Grocery
Verizon Mineral Wells
Wells Expess Cleaners
Witschorke's Antiques

"Love Wins, Love Always Wins"
Morrie Schwartz

"In closing  I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to the
class of 1974
for allowing me to capture a few memories for you and preserving an
act of love and compassion for a fellow classmate. Truly, together you have achieved a great accomplishment! Karen, my dear lady, you are loved, respected, & you are a friend to many. This day is recorded in the memories of many. Truly you float
equally between the diverse universe of people that your
life touches!
It was my pleasure and honor to photograph you. Your transparency of
humbleness, gratefulness & faith continue
to be your inner beauty that
reflects your outward
from the class of '75

"... if you're trying to show off for people at the top forget it. They will look down at you anyhow. And if you're trying to show off for people at the bottom, forget it. They will only envy you. Status will get you nowhere. Only an open heart will allow you to float equally between everyone."
Morrie Schwartz

Summing it all up, fiends, I'd say you'll do best by filling your minds and meditating on things true, noble, reputable, authentic, compelling, gracious-the best, not the worst; the beautiful, not the ugly; things to praise, not things to curse. Put into practice what you learned from me, what you heard and saw and realized. Do that, and God, who makes everything work together, will work you into his most excellent harmonies.
Phillippians 4:8-9 message

Preserving Priceless Moments 
for the next generation…
©Images by Teresa

"Above all, I craved to seize the whole essence, in the confines of one single photograph, of some situation that was in the process of unrolling  itself before my eyes." 
 -Henri Cartier-Bresson

©Copyright Info

All pictures on this blog were taken by me, unless otherwise stated. Occasionally I may take a photograph of another artists's work and if I have not given credit where credit is due, please let me know! I will be happy to make that correction or remove the picture from my webpage.

Making copies is NOT right and right clicking with your mouse and saving my work to your computer is not right either!
I, as well as other photographers, work hard to make your memories special. Avoid embarrassing moments by calling me first if you are interested in duplicates or using my work elsewhere. Then we can discuss your options.

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