Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Liz's Bridal Session

Liz had a wonderful attitude and was very excited about the way she looked! Being a princess really requires more than that which meets the eye! Many hours of planning, shopping, talking, planning, shopping and a little dreaming went in behind the photographs you are about to enjoy! Liz thank you again for allowing me to capture a few moments for the next generation.

Liz’s beauty and dress took me back to another era: she reminded me of a southern belle. The gentle warm summer breezes playing with the curls around her face are words that come to mind as I reflect back to the day of her session. Photographs capture many aspects and sometimes look perfect! Behind the scenes usually lies another story waiting to be told…..

In all the hustle of getting ready and coming to her bridal session, she forgot her boots. Her precious grandmother and I insisted that we couldn’t do the shoot without them. She went home to get them and we are so glad she did! She also forgot about flowers, so I went into WalMart and purchased some and put together a bouquet with the help of her grandmother again! I had recently purchased some silk sunflowers and a sunflower umbrella, and not knowing her preferences, took these with me. We all agreed they were a nice touch for the photographs. Turns out, she used sunflowers in her wedding!
The real bouquet was breathtaking! Sorry ….those pics will be in another blog!

Liz, the southern belle a princess for the day, likes a natural look, but on this day, she was very pleased with her hair, makeup, gorgeous dress, and cowgirl boots. What a sight she was! Liz’s grandmother was a wonderful assistant, doing a fantastic job with my reflectors, thank you sweetie! We are in a severe drought, but thankfully, Willow Lake Gardens has been watering, so there was lush green everywhere. We had the whole place to ourselves, except for the gardener, who was very courteous. At one point the sprinklers came on unexpectedly, but we were out of harm’s way! It was no surprise that her grandmother was all smiles as she beheld her granddaughter’s loveliness.

“Time is…too slow for those who wait,but for those who love…time is ETERNITY”

©Images by Teresa

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