Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Meet Colton from the Class of 2010 ... a year to remember!

Colton is a neat young man that drove a few miles to have his senior pictures made. When I arrived he was standing outside with his car ready to go! It was clean, polished and dust free and I think it was one of the more important elements of the photo shoot!
Private property always makes for a memorable photo shoot when the land belongs to someone special in your life and you have grown up playing there. He told me one of the spots he thought would be neat to shoot was the deer stand and he was right! We hiked through the woods and this time of year in Texas always yields lots of pretty shades of greens and wildflowers. Thankfully no snakes!
One of the most unusual things about this photo shoot was we had several men helping and they all had marvelous attitudes and some insight into Colton’s life…. which may be why we captured such great smiles! And I should add that Andrew did an incredible job with the reflectors!
Colton was fast to flash a million dollar smile and had a super attitude for a Saturday morning! Those components always make my job a little easier! I don’t think it hurt a thing that he had his own personal fan club present and yummy brisket was cooking on the grill! Thanks Colton for allowing me to capture a few moments of your senior year! I hope you and your family will treasure the memories! You are a special young man and I know you have a bright future…….God Bless You! Teresa

©Images by Teresa


  1. These were all my favorites and more. Can't wait to see Connor's pictures. Thank you Teresa for your dedication to photography.

  2. Thank you Mirta! I love seeing parts of life through the lens of my camera! Connor's pics should be here in a few days! Thanks again for allowing me to be part of this milestone in your family's life! Teresa